We offer two types of “no cage” boarding exclusively for our dogwalking
.  Both of our boarding options strive to provide your dog with a
comfortable, homey environment, unlike the cages of a typical kennel.  Boarding
rates include all care and transportation.  We ask that you send your dogs own
food for us to feed to ensure your dogs stomach stays healthy and comfortable
while you are away.

Country Boarding  $50/ night + $10 transportation fee
Every weekend year round, over the summer months and during holidays,  we’ll take your
dog with us to our 20 acre Catskill farmhouse.  Your dog will play with other friendly dogs,
take a swim in the stream and pond, enjoy the fresh country air, and spend the night on
comfy dog beds and couches with us.  This is our home, not a kennel, so dogs maintain the
“at home” environment while you are away!  The trip is 1 hour 40 minutes from NYC and
the dogs enjoy the ride in our Suburban truck.  The dogs
love the loads of fun and
exercise they get romping through the woods and fields and hanging out with their
friends.  The dogs are always supervised and receive two feedings daily.

In-House Boarding
During the week (on occasions when "country boarding" is not available,) your dog stays
in your home and we provide 4 walks (two 40-minute walks and two quick pees), and
feedings as well as spend the night in your home with your dog to ensure adequate
company and safety.  

Below are some pictures of MMH dogs enjoying our country home!
If you've recently used us for boarding, see pictures of your dog
on our page - "This Weekend's Pics."