Meet Me Here offers two types of walks, The Exercise Walk & The Quick
Pee.  We offer the walking service on Monday-Friday, from 8am -10pm for
dogs over 4 months old.  For dogs under 4 month we offer our Puppy
Program.  We usually keep groups of 3-4 dogs per walk but are available
for individual walks* for dogs that need to go out alone due to aggression,
age or health issues.

The Exercise Walk    $14 / walk
Your dog will be grouped with other friendly dogs from your neighborhood and go
on a 30-40 minute exercise walk around the neighborhood and through the park.
This walk is ideal for both young and older dogs as regardless of age, a nice long
walk is good for them physically and mentally.     

The Quick Pee    $10 / walk
For the dogs that need just a short break in the day to stretch their legs and get a
"bathroom break," the walk down the block and back is perfect.  Even though it is a
short walk, your dog will still get attention and company.  

Puppy Program     $20/day
For pups under four months (or pups who are not yet fully vaccinated) we
recommend our puppy routine, consisting of two visits per day where we play, feed,
walk and help with some of the training of your pup.  This is a one on one service
and it helps ensure your puppy is properly cared for while you are at work.

If your dogs needs medication or feeding after the walk, just leave us instructions and
we will do so for no additional charge.
When the weather is very poor, the walks will be shortened and you will be credited on
your next bill.
We are also available to take our dog to the Veterinarian or the Groomer, please call
us in advance so we can make the proper arrangements.

* Individual walks are only available as a "Quick Pee Walk"